Service Awards

Service Awards are given out to those who have contributed a service to CMCA for 10 years or more, excluding their playing years. 


Alan Whimp established Weymouth Cricket Club in 1984 at Weymouth Primary School. He is a vital part of the Weymouth Cricket Club offering support to the current committee. He played for King Country in 1955/56- 1968/69. Alan received the Bert Sutcliffe Medal in 2009 for outstanding services to cricket. He is a life member of NDCA and CMCA. He is the President of the Weymouth Cricket Club. He is Vice-President of CMCA. He is very generous of giving his time to cricket. 


Ivan joined Pukekohe Metro Cricket Club in the 2003/2004 season. Ivan has completed his Level 2 coaching certificate and is the Junior Club Captain at Pukekohe Metro Cricket Club. Ivan has coached and managed CMCA teams and has been on the Junior Panel. Ivan dedicates numerous hours to help develop coaches and players. Ivan's contribution to cricket is outstanding. 


John joined Pukekohe Metro Cricket Club in 2004/2005 season, he has coached, assistant coached, and managed PMCC and CMCA teams. He has been the Junior Club Captain at CMCA for four seasons and continues to assist and support the PMCC committee. John is the chairman of the Junior Panel for CMCA. He has also performed groundsman duties and is the building manager for PMCC. He is truly a dedicated man to PMCC, CMCA and cricket. 

Murray Napier 

Murray was one of the founding members of the Karaka Cricket Club (1985). He has been a long time member and organiser of the Karaka Stallions. He has been the past President  of Karaka Cricket Club as well as a Committee Member and he used to be the assisstant groundsman at the Karaka Sports Park. He is patron and a life member of the Karaka Cricket Club and was part of the organising comittee for the Karaka Cricket Clubs 25th Anniversary. He is a trustee and secretary of the Karaka Sports Park Trust. He is also the current CMCA President. 

Chris Innes

Chris has been involved in Cricket for nearly 20 years, he is a long time member of the Mauku Cricket Club. During that time he has been a coach, the treasurer, the president and the fundraising chief for Mauku Cricket Club. He is a long time supporter of junior cricket, offering to help out all the coaches. He is the Mauku Cricket Club historian and has been the groundsman as well. His enthusiasm for the game and more importantly the kids playing the game, is infectious and provides the Mauku Club with an upbeat atmosphere. 

kim williamson

Kim spent 13 years on the Drury CRicket Club Junior committee, over that time she was the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Coach and Manager. Kim spent 9 years on the Junior Panel and was a key person in re-writing all of the CMCA Junior Rules that we have today. Kim is also a competent scorer and has managed numerous amounts of CMCA Rep teams over the last four years. Kim was the winner of the ND Allan McBride Trophy in 2008.  Kim is currently the CMCA Senior Men manager and has been since 2013.

leanne piskulic

Leanne has been involved with CMCA and the Manukau City Cricket Club since 2002. She has been a member and secretary of the Manukau City Cricket Club since she started. Leanne has also been the manager of CMCA junior representative squads and a scorer for the junior and senior teams. She spent many years on the CMCA junior panel as well. 

Rod Mcgregor

Rod has been part of the Waiuku Cricket Club since 1979, over that time he has been the President, Secretary, treasurer and groundsman. He was also a delegate for CMCA from 1980-1995 and did a stint as Chairman and treasurer for CMCA Rep Cricket. Rod was on the match committee for 8 years and umpired full time for 10 years and is still part time to this day. He is an integral part of Waiuku Cricket Club. 

neil watson

Neil Watson has been part of the Pukekohe Metro Club since it started. He served on the PMCC committee for nearly 15 years and was the Senior Captain for 6 years. Neil has been a coach, manager, groundsman, player, committee member and will take on any other role that needs filling. He plays for Counties Crocs and at times fills in for the PMCC Senior B team.

tony cossill

Tony Cossill has over ten years involvement in club cricket as a coach and manager of teams at Weymouth Cricket Club. He volunteers his time even if he has no family in the team and goes beyond the call of duty transporting players and assisting other coaches. He is also a Level 2 umpire. 

bill mcentee

Bill became involved in CMCA in 1998 his first involvement in CMCA was promoting women's cricket. He was elected chairman in 2000/01 and remained chairman until 2006. Bill was also doubled as treasurer in 2003 and 2004. Bill led the board to the appointment of a CEO, a revamp of our constitution and better governance practice for the board. Bill continues to remain a strong supporter of CMCA. 

joanne hardwick

Joanne Hardwick has been a part of the Pukekohe Metro Cricket Club for many years, she has been part of the committee and is currently the secretary for this club. She was also the draw and results co-coordinator for several years.

russell duncan

Russell has been a part of the Papakura Cricket Club for 25 years. He has been a large contributor in increasing PCC from one team to five teams. He has been the President, Club Captain, Committee Member and Club Liason of PCC.


Royce was the CMCA chairman from 1983-1991. He was the President of CMCA for 18 years and managed the CMCA Men's team for 20 years. He was a member of the Counties Crocs and helped to establish the Karaka Stallions. Royce is a life member of CMCA and was awarded an ICC Centenary medal in 2009.

roger wark

Roger has been involved in CMCA since 1997. Roger is a Life Member of Karaka Cricket Club where he was a team coach for eight years, on the KCC Committee from 1997-2005 where he was President from 2001-2005, KCC Groundsman from 2006-2013, a member of the Karaka Stallions since 2000 and President since 2011, was Rosehill College 1st XI Coach for four seasons and was on the Karaka Sports Park Board for 10 years, four as President. For CMCA he was on the Junior Committee 1997-1999, the CMCA Board from 2003-current, CMCA Chairman for six years and was on the Northern Districts Board from 2006-2010.

ron goble

Ron has been part of CMCA for many years and during his time has been a scorer for the U15 and U17 teams, a manager for the U17 team and CMCA Men's team. He was also the treasurer on the CMCA Board from 2005-2010.