Coaching 2020/21

Coaches - 2020/21

Coaching a Cricket Team/Getting Started in Coaching

This year NZC have introduced a new policy to show commitment to providing a safe, positive and fun environment for children who play cricket.

What it means is that from the start of the season all coaches of players 18 years old and under will have to be registered on the NZC Coach Database and complete an online Vulnerable Persons Module, which includes a Police Vetting Form. 

As part of this process coaches will also be required to complete the online Foundation Coach (for softball) and Advanced Foundation Coach (for hardball) Modules and attend a practical workshop (Saturday 13th October, Time and Venue TBC). 

Below is the link to the NZC Coach Database. All coaches need to register here and begin completing the online modules.

When registering please select the appropriate level of coaching (please refer to the coaching pathway below) so the correct online modules will be unlocked. 



Why is it important to complete these modules?

Good coaching is all about the ability and flexibility to reach and connect with the participant, irrespective of age, gender, or personality, so that he/she can receive the support necessary to enjoy cricket and fulfil their potential to whatever appropriate level.


Want more information on the coaching modules available?

Please click on the link below for more information on all the Coaching Courses / Modules available. 



If you have any questions regarding the coaching framework or online registration process, please contact Serena Somlyai on