Dispensations Form

Dispenastations are assessed by the CMCA junior panel.

The information provided in the dispensation form will form the basis for the initial review by the panel. Additonal information may be requested by CMCA from the player, Parent/guardian and/or club

In general, dispensations requested by clubs should be based on a disability or development consideration and not as a means of increasing and/or estbailshing team numbers

CMCA may at its decresion review and revise dispenstaions at any time during the season.


  • The information will only be used to determine whether or not you will receive the dispensation for the nominated individual. It will only be disclosed to the CMCA staff and CMCA Junior Panel who have responsibility for making decisions about dispensations.
  • A record of your application will be held in the CMCA Office.

Player Details

Reason for Dispensation (Tick one):

Person Making Dispensation Application

Declaration: To the best of my knowledge, all of the information supplied in support of this dispensation application is true and factually correct