CMCA Cricket Handbook


junior grades

Junior Grade General Rules

Year 9/10/11 - Division 1

Year 9/10/11 - Division 2

Year 7/8 - Division 1

Year 7/8 - Division 2

Year 5/6 - Division 1

Year 5/6 - Division 2

Year 3/4 - Saturday

Year 3/4 - Friday

Year 1/2 (Entry Level) - This grade of cricket is aimed at those who are just starting out in cricket. It will be held on a Friday night by CMCA staff, however we expect parents to get involved to help out.

It will be a combination of cricket skills and skill based cricket games. It is really important to learn the skills of cricket correctly and it sets the players up fantastically for cricket.

Friday night cricket is held at a different venue each week. Players can turn up in teams or individually.