Sponsors & Trusts

Thank you to our sponsors!

Player Sports

Players Sports is a specialist cricket shop, online and in store, where cricketers have welcoming access to the latest types of cricket products and equipment services.

Located at 7/273 Neilson Street, Onehunga, Auckland, Players Sports is stocked with the world’s major cricket brands including Kookaburra, Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Puma, Asics, New Balance, Oakley and Masuri. Players Sports unique cricket bat workshop, located on site, offers state of the art craftsmanship and knocking in services to ensure all Counties Manukau cricketers are fully catered for and prepared. Call free 09 522 8170 or visit www.playerscricket.co.nz for more.

Foundation North

Foundation North’s Moemoeā (vision) and Tā tātou whāinga (purpose) has been to enhance the lives of the regional people by being responsive to changing community needs and aspirations, focusing the mahi in order to have greater impact.

Founded on 1 May 1988, is committed to becoming a more strategic grant maker and will be focusing on working in partnership with grantees and other funders to achieve projects of greater scale and impact for the communities of Auckland and Northland.
Click on the link to visit their website www.foundationnorth.org.nz  or call on 0800 272 878 for more information.


A proud sports equipment manufacturers specializing in cricket and field hockey balls and equipment, bespoke teamwear, clothing, and footwear.

Founded in 1890 by AG Thompson, Kookaburra is a proud sports equipment manufacturers specializing in cricket and field hockey balls and equipment, bespoke teamwear, clothing, and footwear. Predominantly sell products via existing retailers, online and direct to cricket and hockey Leagues and Associations in over 50 countries worldwide.
To find out more, please call on (09) 601 8190 or visit on https://www.kookaburrasport.co.nz/.

NZ Community Trust

NZCT are committed to ensuring money goes back into the communities from which it was raised.

NZCT has set up a number of Regional Advisory Committees around the country. These groups of reputable local people help with advice about recipients of funding in their area. Each year we make around 2500 grants totaling between $40 and $45 million.
To get more information, call on 0800 446 928 or visit www.nzct.org.nz.

Grassroots Trust

Operating in accordance with the Gambling Act 2003 and regulated by The Department of Internal Affairs, Grassroots Trust is dedicated to providing local funding to local communities.

Grassroots Trust is dedicated to providing local funding to local communities. Sharing similar passion and enthusiasm for amateur sport, education and various charitable community initiatives and we’re here to help. Great care is taken to ensure funds granted are well used and for the authorised purpose, and many local communities have already benefited from a Grassroots Trust grant.
For more information, call on 0800 957 960 or visit www.grassrootstrust.co.nz.

0800 957 960

Four Winds Foundation Limited

They are a Charitable Foundation who distributes funds to the community from the proceeds of gaming machines.

The Foundation supports a cross section of non profit community groups, charities, welfare agencies, educational organisations and amateur sporting organisations.
Call on 0800 433 544 or visit www.fourwindsfoundation.co.nz for more information.

Rano Community Trust

Rano Community Trust Limited is a not-for-profit company that operates gaming machines to raise funds for the community.

Rano may make grants for any charitable purpose and any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community. Priority funding will be given to amateur sport, religion, education and not-for-profit organisations which actively support community education and cohesion. 
To get more information, call on 09 522 9585 or visit rano.org.nz.

One Foundation

One Foundation (formerly First Sovereign Trust Ltd) was established in 2004 to distribute grant funding from the proceeds of licensed gaming machines.

We are based in Rotorua. Eligible organisations and community groups can apply to One Foundation for funding to support their objectives. We distribute grants across the following sectors: Educations, Sport, Arts, Community & Culture and Health & Welfare.

To get more information , call on 07 345 7070 or visit onefoundation.nz

Pub Charity

Pub Charity is a charitable trust committed to supporting Kiwi communities through funds raised in gaming machines in hotels and taverns.

Pub Charity Limited distributes donations to worthy community organisations all over New Zealand through the funds raised in gaming machines hosted in our member hotels and taverns. We first began raising donations funds for New Zealand communities in 1987. That’s 30 years of excellent partnerships with our venues, 30 years of great entertainment for our players and 30 years supporting communities all over New Zealand.
To get more information, call on 0800 42 64 64 or visit www.pubcharitylimited.org.nz.

Dragon Community Trust

Dragon Community Trust Limited is a non-profit company that operates gaming machines across the country to raise funds for the community.

The trust was set up to support the local community where the funds are generated and give priority funding to Asian organisations within the local community, in particular to the young and elderly members of the Asian community. Dragon’s gaming venues are located across the country. It gives priority to grant applicants based in the cities where its gaming venues are located.
For more information call on (09) 522 9585 or visit www.dragon.org.nz

The Trillian Trust

The Trillian Trust are a boutique gaming machine operator, specialising in great service to both it’s venue operators and the community since 1999.

Trillian Trust Limited was formed to provide support to other New Zealand based charitable and not-for-profit organisations through grants that benefit the local community. In order to generate funds, the trust obtained a license to operate gaming machines in licensed venues across New Zealand.
Get more information by calling on 09 579 1428 or visit www.trillian.nz.

Takanini Town Centre

Whether you’re looking to be inspired, grab a bite to eat, meet up with friends, grab that much needed essential, get a quiet place to study or see what houses are coming available in the area, Takanini Town Centre is a great place to start discovering Takanini.

Takanini Town Centre has Takanini’s most diverse range of shops from food & alcohol to real estate.  From South Auckland’s best Warehouse to high end jewellery.

You’ll be sure to find that much needed essential, that perfect gift or just that new phone you wanted.

TAB New Zealand

TAB New Zealand (TAB NZ) is a statutory body established through the Racing Industry Act 2020 which provides betting services to New Zealanders and makes returns back to New Zealand racing and sporting organisations.

The TAB is a major entertainment business with more than 60,000 people betting with the TAB each week either online, on the racecourse, or through our retail network of around 550 outlets. Every betting dollar contributes to grassroots racing and sports in New Zealand as well as the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Kiwis involved in these sectors. Each year, around $170 million is returned to New Zealand racing and sports.
Find out more information by visiting www.tabnz.org.

The Trusts Community Foundation

The Trusts Community Foundation are a national not-for-profit company established to distribute the funds generated from gaming machines operated in some Licensing Trusts, hotels, TABs and sports clubs (our gaming venues) around New Zealand.

The Trusts Community Foundation Limited (TTCF) is a not-for-profit company established primarily to distribute the profits generated from Class 4 gambling machines operating in bars and restaurants in many parts of New Zealand. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the main regulatory authority for this sector.
The foundation pride itself on keeping the funds local and therefore seldom support applications from areas in which they do not have a presence.
More information is available on ttcfltd.org.nz or call on 0800 882 3583.


We are 100% NZ owned and have been operating in Auckland for the past 18 years with 5000 roofs completed and a strong client base of 350 plus. Your first choice mrROOFER when it comes to the roofing world.

Here at mrRoofer we provide roofing that is of good quality and long lasting. We have very high skilled individuals equipped with the latest equipment and tools to do the job right and we focus on providing an excellent customer experience as soon as you step on board with us. To get more information, please visit mrroofer.co.nz or call on 0800 676 633.

Blue Sky

BlueSky Community Trust Limited is a non-profit company that operates gaming machines to raise funds for the community. 

The Trust gives priority to grant applicants based in the cities where its gaming venues are located. BlueSky makes grants for education, community cultural and arts festivals, public amenities, sports facilities, amateur sport and other charitable and non-commercial purposes that are beneficial to the community.
to get more information, call on (09) 522 9585 or visit www.bluesky.org.nz.

Farrell's Nurseries

The Nursery is a proud family-owned business that has been in the agricultural industry for more than 35+ years. Farrell’s nurseries believe in changing the world for the better by planting healthy trees and giving back to the nature.

Farrell’s Nursery Pukekohe, Auckland grow and sell NZ natives, shrubs, fruit and nut trees, hedging plants, shelter plants, specimen trees, grasses, flaxes, ferns, and wetland plants, for landscaping, subdivisions, lifestyle blocks, gardens – anywhere that requires healthy, hardy plantings.
To check out their website, click on www.farrellsnurseries.co.nz or visit their sales centre at Pukekohe.